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April 2021 will see a significant impact to the IR35 rules around off payroll working in the private sector, affecting any worker providing services via a Personal Service Company (PSC) or Limited Company.  These changes can be complex to navigate for both clients and candidates and essentially have been put into place by HMRC to ensure contractors pay the correct amount of tax, if they are found to be in “disguised employment”.  Here at Just Interims, we are here to support, offer guidance and solutions to ensure that every element of procuring contractors is compliant.


We work with industry leading IR35 experts and can facilitate:


  • Case-by-Case IR35 Status Determinations (SDS)

  • Tax Liability Cover for all formally qualified “Outside IR35” determinations

  • IR35 “Health Checks” – advise on the impact of IR35 reform on your organisation

  • Assessment of your current contingent workforce

  • Full policy /process review and contractor engagement manuals

  • Training sessions, workshops and roundtable Q&As


Working Inside IR35?


Just Interims works with FCSA/Professional Passport/APSCO accredited umbrella partners and can guide contractors through the process of moving to umbrella employment.  Our umbrella partners will provide transparent take home pay illustrations and manage the employment taxes, holiday pay, pension contributions, whilst providing access to their employee benefits schemes.


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