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At Just Interims, we recognize the value brought about by diversity and inclusion in organisations. It promotes innovation, as it develops and fosters teams with a wider range of perspectives and creative ideas and minimizes groupthink.


It provides employees with a sense of belonging and security, thereby increasing employee satisfaction and retention. It also leads to improved employee performance and makes organisations more appealing to a larger market, specifically to customers who identify with minority groups.


We recognize the importance of D&I not only among the front liners and middle management but more so in an organisation’s executive leadership team.


Developing and nurturing a company culture that embraces diversity and inclusion requires leaders who have a broad perspective on D&I, who can lead by example, and who can make D&I initiatives a priority. Such leaders should have the ability to create and execute programs that ensure the development and sustainability of D&I attitudes and values throughout the organisation. 


Just Interims and D&I

At JustInterims, we ensure that candidates from all backgrounds are given equal treatment and are carefully assessed based on their qualifications. We consider professionals from all groups of the population when we create a long list and shortlist for a search assignment. We also tap into our large D&I network to ensure that we provide our clients with the best possible pool of candidates.


D&I’s Business Impact

The Value of Diversity, Involve & CEBR (2018) indicates that diverse organisations (across sexual orientation, ethnicity, and gender) have 45 percent more chance of performing above the industry average.


A study by McKinsey & Co. shows that organisations in the top quartile of implementing ethnic diversity and gender diversity had, respectively, 30% and 15% more chance of achieving financial returns beyond the national industry median.


The study also shows that senior management teams with at least three female members had higher average scores on organisational excellence measures compared to teams that had no women. In the United Kingdom, every 10% increase in gender diversity in the senior executive team leads to a 3.5% increase in EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes).


However, despite the benefits of implementing D&I, a survey by the HR Research Institute shows that while most companies have become more diverse over the years, there are still some that have become even less diverse. According to the survey, 29% of companies do not adopt or embrace D&I initiatives and best practices.


As many companies still struggle to navigate their way around implementing D&I initiatives within their company culture, allow us at Just Interims to help you go through this process efficiently and with ease by partnering with us in your recruitment and search efforts.


With the expertise and resources offered by Just Interims, you can be assured of building a team that is not only competent but is also capable of driving and sustaining diversity and inclusion within your organisation.

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