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Why not look at the Sectors we focus on and see if we can be of assistance whether you are a candidate or a potential client, we are sure we can be of help and it would be  pleasure to work with you.


From inception, the Group has always worked to implement the best possible D&I culture. Our team are always trained around the topic. We now offer a full consultancy service to help you ensure your organisation is up to speed with D&I.



'Word of mouth' or 'it is such a small world' are often comments you will hear in the industry. As such the OS Group pride itself in having a reputation that is second to none. 99% of those who have worked with us, will use us time and time again.





What do we do? Just Interims.


Oliver Sanderson Group PLC is proud to present our new division, one that caters purely to the interim market. Specialising in C-Suite Board Level, HR, OD & HR Transformation, and Business Change our collaborative partnering approach is all about making sure that we source the right interim executives who are the best fit professionally.


There are many situations in which clients will find themselves in need of an interim executive whether this is planned or unplanned. Central to all these assignments is our understanding and appreciation of your business, your operating environment, and organisation structure so that we can rapidly identify the highest quality and most suitable candidates. This helps to ensure that JustInterims executives are effective in the role as quickly as possible, minimising induction time and any disruption to your business.


The Group focuses on recruiting candidates within the FTSE 100, FTSE 250, Fortune 500, and PE-backed businesses at Board level. We work closely with clients to ensure we understand their needs and find the right people for them, offering consultancy services and market knowledge. We also guide professionals in finding the next step in their career, offering advice, and ensuring the next step is the right one.


Our vision is a simple one, to deliver the best possible service, build strong relationships, and to be an honest and genuine interim executive search firm.

Why hire an executive interim?


There are many benefits to hiring an interim professional and during any period of change, a company will require knowledge, skills, and expertise that cannot be found within the business. It is a year of great change, uncertainty, and risk. But what does this mean for the interim market and what are the benefits of hiring an interim versus making a full-time hire?


Starting with the obvious, in times of uncertainty organisations look to reduce costs. As a result, there’s noticeably less appetite to take on full-time employees. Why employ a full-time employee when the situation ahead is unknown and far from clear? What happens if the situation deteriorates? As always though, there is a corresponding uplift. Uncertain times for full-time hires are a boon for interim specialists as they are ideally placed to provide short term solutions for projects that have already been commissioned and that need to be delivered. In this scenario hiring interims enables delivery to continue at a reduced cost in the short term.


Also, consider the total amount of time that it can take from meeting a prospective full-time hire to them starting their position if it is offered, six months is not unusual. A lot can happen in that space of time, one only has to look back at the past few years to see what is changed in terms of the geopolitical landscape, radically in some cases. In times of risk, hiring interim specialists provides companies with the required immediate support to maintain their operations.


At Just Interims, we believe that there will always be a need for a flexible marketplace and interim specialists, even more so in times of change and uncertainty, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of interim search.



Organisational scenarios where interims can add value


  • Gap management

  • Change and Transformation management

  • Merger & Acquisition support

  • Project and programme implementation and management

  • Technology change

  • Rapid growth management

  • Turnaround management

  • Restructuring

  • Start-up or closing of a division



Benefits of going interim


  • Speed of Hire

  • Acquire specialist knowledge for short term projects

  • Address a Skills Gap during permanent recruitment freeze

  • Short term cover whilst the executive search is conducted

  • Extensively qualified to be immediately effective

  • Advise on issues from a neutral position

  • ROI on agreed deliverables

Our Values (The HIP Principle)

  • Honesty is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in an open and transparent approach and through our partnership model, we work closely to ensure the best possible service is delivered. When working together a top-notch outcome requires honesty and trust from all involved.


  • Integrity - Isn’t integrity the same as honesty? No, honesty simply means telling the truth, while integrity means doing the right thing whether it benefits you or not. People can be honest without having integrity but cannot have integrity without honesty. Fortunately, both are underlying principles in everything we do.


  • Passion – Passionate people make an impact. It means something when you love what you do. Client, candidate, recruiter - passion is in everyone. We are all about helping clients find amazing professionals and helping individuals fulfill their career desires.


167-169 Great Portland Street,

5th Floor, London, W1W 5PF
T: 0844 567 5627 F: 0844 567 5628

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